AluK 58BD Doors

AluK 58BD Doors

  • Single or Double Doors
  • Concealed Locks
  • Suits 58BW Windows
  • 1.4 W/m2K U-Values
  • Adjustable Hinge

We supply the AluK 58BD Doors from our Nottingham and Padiham trade counters. This aluminium door is the perfect option to replace old timber, steel uPVC or composite doors, providing the perfect upgrade to these designs. You can offer our AluK 58BD Doors in Residential or French Styles, with single or double doors available. These aluminium doors are perfect for contemporary, new build properties and refurbishments.

Energy Efficient Design

Our AluK 58BD Doors boast great U-values for your customer's home. These aluminium doors can achieve U-values of 1.7 W/m2K with double glazing & 1.4 W/m2K with triple glazing.

Cloak Locks

Your customer can feel safe thanks to the design of our AluK 58BD Doors. These aluminium designs have a cloaking feature that conceals the lock and prevents access to locking points.

Certified Build

You can give your customer complete peace of mind they've chosen the best door. Our AluK 58BD Doors are tested to PAS24 and certified under Secured by Design and fitted with the best locks.

Quality Glazing

These aluminium doors are fitted with a glazing width of 28mm. You can order the AluK 58BD doors in both residential and flush door styles. This lets you cater to every project.

Colour Options

Put your customer in complete control over designing the perfect aluminium door. Our AluK 58BD Doors can be decorated in single or dual polyester powder coatings.

Suited to Your Project

You can offer your customer the AluK 58BD doors in single or double door configurations. The flush options are also available for the French & front aluminium door styles.

Market-Leading Profile

Installers that use Acorn Trade Windows and Doors will be offering their Nottingham or Padiham customers some of the finest aluminium doors on the market. AluK is a pioneer of the aluminium industry, and our AluK 58BD Doors are no different. This system is known for its great thermal capabilities, security, weatherproofing and customisable design.

These aluminium doors can be designed to match any Nottingham or Padiham property. Although our AluK 58BD Doors boast a modern design, they are a perfect replacement for ageing steel or timber doors in older properties. Unlike these doors, these aluminium doors do not afford the same high maintenance issues.

The Nottingham and Padiham installer can stand out from the competition by offering our AluK 58BD Doors. These doors will offer year after year of quality use if maintained correctly. This will save your customer time on maintenance and money!

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A Variety of Colour Options

As with the rest of our aluminium doors, you can order the AluK 58BD Doors in a variety of colour options. The Nottingham or Padiham installer can order these aluminium doors in the standard stock colours of white, grey, black, white or brown. Other RAL colours are available for longer lead times. By using Acorn Trade Windows and Doors, you can truly offer your customer a door that fits the needs of their home improvement project.

Aluminium Front Doors

Quick Lead Times

Installers that buy our AluK 58BD Doors from our Nottingham or Padiham trade counters will not leave their customer’s waiting for their product.

At Acorn, we make sure that when an order is placed with us, our customers won’t receive the door in lots of multiple deliveries. Instead, you will only receive your orders in full.

If at any point you encounter a potential problem with the order, our team will make sure that this is resolved before the problem occurs. As we use our tried and tested system, however, this is very unlikely. By choosing Acorn Trade Windows and Doors for our AluK 58BD Doors, you’re guaranteed the best aluminium doors.

Aluminium Door Price

AluK 58BD Door FAQ's- Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions we receive regarding our AluK 58BD Doors

Our AluK 58BD Doors are designed to conform to PAS24 standards and hold Secured by Design certification. This gives you the confidence to pitch these aluminium doors to your customer knowing full well it’s accredited for its quality.

Our AluK 58BD Doors are available in single or dual colour polyester powder coating, texture and anodised finishes. Standard colours include white, black, anthracite grey, brown, black/white and anthracite grey/white. Other colours are available for these aluminium doors, with any RAL colour options available on longer lead times.

The colours of our AluK 58BD doors align with that of our windows, providing your Nottingham or Padiham customer with a seamless match for their property.

Yes, our AluK 58BD Doors are fitted with multi-point locking across the frame. This eliminates any potential weak spots which could be exploited by would-be intruders looking to gain access to your Nottingham or Padiham customer’s home.

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