How to Tell if My Windows Need Replacing?

For homeowners in Nottingham & Padiham, you will most likely have already noticed small signs that you should replace your windows. Older window profiles can be prone to condensation, letting in cold draughts, making the area around the window damp, or even more obvious issues such as flaking or peeling.

That’s why the Acorn Trade Windows & Doors team has put together this advice article on “How to Tell if My Windows Need Replacing?” Whether you’re a homeowner in Padiham or Burnley looking to improve your property or an installer that can feed this information to their customers, we hope this article gives you the information you need.

Condensation Build Up

The first sign that your windows need replacing in your Nottingham or Padiham home is quite often condensation build-up. In cold mornings, you may notice condensation build-up on the sills of your window or across the whole of the glazing pane. In the short-term, this can easily be fixed by the Nottingham or Padiham homeowner, who can give the window a wipe down with a cloth. However, if this is allowed to continue, it can cause damage to the window and your home.

Condensation build-up of your window signified that the insulating gas within the pane has lessened and the air-tight seal failed. If it goes untreated, you’ll notice more mould on your window, which could be detrimental to your health. It can also damage the seal itself, which can be costly to fix.

How to Tell if My Windows Need Replacing?

Hard to Open & Close

When your window is hard to close or open, that can be an indication that your window needs replacing. If you’re no longer able to open it efficiently, you could be compromising of the safety and security of your Padiham or Nottingham home and family. A window can offer an escape route if needed in an emergency. If the window is no longer functioning, this means health and safety standards are not up to scratch.

If you are struggling to close your window, you’ll be making it easier for burglars to enter your property. A short-term fix can be to oil the hinges of the window. However, in the long-term, you’d be better of replacing the window completely.

Cold Spots & Draughts

Draughty windows will change the temperature of your Nottingham or Padiham home. During the winter months, this can be a real issue, meaning the homeowner has to use more central heating to warm their property. This will lead to increased energy bills, raising the carbon footprint of the property.

A way to counter this is to establish where the draught is coming from. Padiham & Nottingham homeowners should check their hinges of the window for wear or tear, removing any dirt or checking for rust. The seal of the window can also be the culprit, shrinking back over time, leaving a gap between the sash and glazing. If you find one of the above, it might be time to consider replacing the window.

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