Offer your customers smart as standard with Kubu Smart Hardware. All our Composite Doors, uPVC Front Doors and uPVC French Doors are designed to accommodate the Kubu module as standard. The smart sensors will allow your Nottingham or Padiham customer to check the status of their door lock at any time from any place. With every turn of the key, your customer will be notified. Perimeter notifications ensure your customer doesn't have to worry about leaving home with the door unlocked. As soon as they disconnect from the WiFi, Kubu sends a notification if the door is unlocked.

Check At Any Time

Your customer can check the status of their door at any time from any place in the world through the Kubu Smart Hardware app.

Lock Notifications

As soon as your customer's phone disconnects from the WiFi, perimeter notifications trigger if the door is unlocked, allowing them to lock the door.

Scheduled Reminders

Ideal for older customers, you can schedule notifications with Kubu Smart Hardware, ensuring customers always remember to lock the door.

Share With the Family

Kubu Smart Hardware can be shared with 4 other people, meaning family members, friends or others can check the status of the door lock.

Alexa Integrated

Kubu Smart Hardware is Alexa integrated. This means your customer can ask their smart speaker to tell them the status of the lock.

Visual Indicator

For customers that aren't smart savy, the Kubu Smart Hardware visual indicator glows orange when doors are left unlocked within the home.

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Easy to Install

We appreciate that not all your customers will want Kubu Smart Hardware fitted within their door. That’s why although we offer it as standard, various integration and installation options are available. This means the Nottingham or Padiham installer can offer the best solution to their customers.

For older customers, the visual indicator that comes with this smart lock is ideal. The Kubu Smart Hardware home hub simply works off the WiFi, glowing blue when all doors are locked, and orange when at least one of them is open. This means the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about working out how to use an app to make their property secure.

Smart Locks

Ideal for Families

Kubu Smart Hardware is ideal for installers fitting a door at a family home. The app can be shared amongst 4 Nottingham or Padiham homeowners. This means parents with children can keep an eye on whether the children have locked the door when they return from school or college.

Even for homeowners with elderly relatives, Kubu Smart Hardware is ideal. The homeowner can make sure to schedule reminders for their loved ones so they don’t leave the door unlocked. They can also check the status themselves from their home to see if their family member is safe.

Kubu Smart Hardware

Check Lock History

No homeowner wants to have their home broken into. Often after a break-in, the property isn’t the only thing that tends to be damaged or affected. With Kubu Smart Hardware, your customer will be able to check their door history.

Should your customer’s Nottingham or Padiham home be broken into, they will be able to share with the police the door lock history. This means the police can have an idea of when an intruder may have entered your home or when suspicious activity could have taken place. Through investing in Kubu for your customer, you will help to offer a secure peace of mind.

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Fit to Several of Our Door Styles

Through choosing Acorn Trade Windows and Doors for your double glazing supply, you can bring your customer’s home into the 21st-century. We offer Kubu Smart Hardware in our Composite Doors, uPVC Front & Back doors, and uPVC French Doors as standard. This means you can instil full confidence to your customer that all the doors across their house are secure.

No longer will your customer fear that they have left a door unlocked or the safety or their property is at risk. With Kubu Smart Hardware, your Nottingham & Padiham customers can ensure they never leave the property with the door unlocked. With smart speaker integration, there’s been no better time to get your customer to bring their home into the future.

Kubu Smart Hardware

Kubu Smart Hardware FAQ's- Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions we receive regarding Kubu.

No, although it comes as standard with your door, there are various installation and integration options available.

Yes, the Kubu home hub has a visual indicator which plugs into the wall. This hub will glow blue when all the doors in the house are locked, or orange if at least one door is unlocked.

Yes, Kubu is. The Kubu app can be linked with your customer’s Amazon Alexa account, answering a whole lot of questions such as: “Alexa, ask Kubu if my doors are unlocked.” “Alexa, ask Kubu for the status of my front door.” “Alexa, ask Kubu when my Front Door was last unlocked.

Kubu Smart Hardware Prices

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