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Trade customers who make Acorn Trade their uPVC window supplier of choice in Burnley can offer their customers the best products. Our stock of windows includes styles made with the Profile 22 Optima profile and the Spectus sliding sash window. Each of these window designs will bring the finest levels of heat retention, security, weatherproofing and without any high maintenance headaches.

By making Acorn Trade your uPVC window supplier, you’ll not have to waste lots of time carrying out an installation. The windows we offer the Burnley tradesman are delivered in fewer parts, which will reduce the assembly and installation time. This means our Lancashire customers can better plan their jobs, so neither they nor the customer will be left waiting for a long time for the installation.

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Windows Suited to Each Burnley Home

The Burnley installer can offer their customer a selection of windows by making Acorn Trade their uPVC window supplier. From our Padiham trade counter, we offer a variety of window styles, offering something to match contemporary, traditional, modern and heritage properties. You’ll be able to put your Lancashire customer in complete control on getting the best window for their property.

As a uPVC Window supplier, we currently offer:

As you’ll only be offering market-leading windows to your Burnley customer, you can easily sell all the benefits these windows offer. Each of the uPVC windows we offer as a uPVC window supplier are made to offer year-after-year of quality use. The only maintenance the homeowner will have to carry out is to give the window an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to maintain the good-as-new look.

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Energy Efficient Design

The environment and environmental impact of our business and manufacturer is something we take seriously as a uPVC window supplier. That’s why the only windows we offer to the Burnley installer are designed to be environmentally friendly. The multi-chambered uPVC frame works in union with the panes of double or triple glazing. Together, pockets of warm air will be trapped in your customer’s Lancashire home thanks to the windows.

Installers that use Acorn Trade as their uPVC window supplier can offer their customers windows that will save them money. As the window retains heat, the reliance upon the central heating will lessen, leading to lower energy bills. Through this, the carbon footprint of your Burnley customer’s home will lessen.

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Modern Security

The security and safety of your Burnley customer’s home is something we take seriously. That’s why as a uPVC window supplier, the windows we offer from our Padiham trade counter are designed to protect your customer’s home. Our windows are fitted with multi-point locking and a dog shootbolt. This will help to create a high level of security across the whole window frame.

If your Burnley customer wants to increase the security of their property further, the installer can offer their customer a docking bolt system and superior shoot bolt.  Each of the windows we offer as a uPVC window supplier is internally glazed as standard. This prevents the window pane from being removed outside the property. To give your customer further peace of mind when selling your windows, you can let them know the windows you offer are made in compliance with British Standards ISO14001, meeting and exceeding current UK Building Regulations.

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Suited to Each Project

Installers that choose Acorn Trade as their uPVC window supplier can offer their project stakeholders the perfect windows. The windows we supply can be customised to fully meet the needs of your Burnley customer, giving them the best fit for their property. Your customer can customise their window in a range of colour and woodgrain foils, with 15 in-stock colours available. This gives you a window that will seamlessly fit in your Lancashire customer’s home.

Colour is not the only customisable feature of our uPVC windows. The Burnley installer can offer five different window handles, as well as decorative glazing. The glass options we offer as a window supplier include clear, arctic, autumn, sycamore, oak to name a few. By choosing Acorn trade, you’ll be able to get a window that meets the needs and wishes of your customer.

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Reasons to Choose Us as Your uPVC Window Supplier

The market-leading uPVC window range, quality customer service and competitive trade prices are just some of the reasons why Acorn Trade is one of the most selected uPVC window suppliers in Burnley.

Here are some more reasons why you should choose Acorn Trade Windows and Doors as your uPVC Window Supplier in Burnley & Lancashire:

  • Free Use of Skips
  • Free Technical Support
  • Bespoke Quotations
  • Market-Leading Products
  • Dedicated Delivery Service
  • Free Showroom Use
  • Quick Lead Times
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If you’d like to choose Acorn Trade Windows and Doors as your uPVC window supplier in Burnley, then don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can call us on 01157 843 375 or fill out our online contact form.

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Or if you’d rather discuss making Acorn Trade your uPVC window supplier in person, then our nearest trade counter to Burnley is located in Padiham at the Glastec Centre, Shuttleworth Business Park, Padiham, BB12 7NG. We look forward to hearing from you.