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By opting for Acorn Trade as your uPVC window provider, you can give your customers the very best window styles. Most of our designs are made with the market-leading Profile 22 Optima range, and we also offer Sliding Sash Windows from Spectus. Both designs will increase the thermal performance, weatherproofing capabilities and security of your Mansfield customer’s property, and won’t afford any high maintenance problems.

Installers that choose Acorn Trade Windows as their uPVC window supplier will find installations in their Mansfield customer’s homes easier. The windows we supply do not come in lots of parts, helping to reduce the installation time. This allows the installer to plan their jobs more effectively, reducing the time they and their customer will be waiting for products.

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Windows to Fit Each Home

By choosing Acorn Trade as your uPVC windows supplier, you’ll be sure to give your Mansfield customer the perfect window. We supply a range of window styles, providing something to suit traditional, modern, heritage and contemporary properties. Your Nottinghamshire customers will be in complete control on getting the best looking window for their property.

As a uPVC Window supplier, we currently offer:

Through offering market-leading windows, you can sell all the benefits associated with them to your customer. The high-quality profile we offer as a uPVC Window supplier is designed to offer lasting use to your customer. The only maintenance required to retain the good-as-new look is to give the frame an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.

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Reduce Your Customer's Energy Bills

We take the environmental impact of the windows we offer as a window supplier very seriously. That’s why you’ll be helping your Mansfield customer do their bit for the environment. We offer windows multi-chambered by design, with the frame working alongside the panes of double or triple glazing. This will offer a high level of thermal efficiency, trapping heat within the property year-round.

As your customer’s Nottinghamshire home retains heat, they will rely less upon their central heating for warmth. This will lead to the energy bills of the property reducing, freeing up money to be spent on other things. As the energy consumption within the home lessens, so too will the carbon footprint.

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Securing Your Home

Security is something we take seriously as a uPVC window supplier. That’s why each of the windows from our trade counter will help secure your Mansfield customer’s property. We fit the windows as standard with multi-point locking and a dog bolt. Through this, any potential weak spots are eliminated from the frame.

Your customer can secure their windows further through the addition of a docking bolt system and shoot bolt. The windows Acorn Trade offers as a uPVC window supplier are internally glazed, preventing the pane being removed from outside the property. Your Mansfield customer can have further peace of mind the windows you’re installing are made to the highest standard. These windows are manufactured to comply to British Standards ISO14001, meeting and exceeding the current UK Building Regulations.

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Customised to All Projects

If you choose Acorn Trade as your uPVC window supplier, you’ll open up the options you can give your customer. Our window range is designed to fit every type of Mansfield home. The frame of the windows can be decorated in a variety of colour and woodgrain foil options, with 15 in-stock colours available. This will allow the window to be installed seamlessly into any Nottinghamshire property.

The colour is not the only customisable feature of our uPVC windows. You can upsell to your Mansfield customer five different window handles, as well as a variety of decorative glazing options. The glass we offer includes clear, arctic, sycamore, autumn, oak and more. You can truly get a window that suits the needs of your project by making Acorn Trade your uPVC window supplier.

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Reasons to Choose Us as Your uPVC Window Supplier

The market-leading uPVC window range, quality customer service and competitive trade prices are just a few of the reasons to make Acorn Trade your go-to uPVC window supplier in Mansfield.

Here are some more reasons why you should choose Acorn Trade Windows and Doors as your uPVC Window Supplier in Mansfield & Nottinghamshire:

  • Free Use of Skips
  • Free Technical Support
  • Bespoke Quotations
  • Market-Leading Products
  • Dedicated Delivery Service
  • Free Showroom Use
  • Quick Lead Times
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If you’d like to choose Acorn Trade Windows and Doors as your uPVC window supplier in Mansfield, then don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can call us on 01157 843 375 or fill out our online contact form.

For those who already know which window their customer requires for their protect, start an online quote. Simply enter a few details to receive a rough estimate with no obligation to book.

Or if you’d rather discuss making Acorn Trade your uPVC window supplier in person, then our nearest trade counter to Mansfield is located in Nottingham at Unit 2, Goldfish Eco Business Hub, 9 Glaisdale Parkway, Nottingham, NG8 4GP. We look forward to hearing from you.