What is a Composite Door?

For homeowners across Nottingham & Padiham, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate the difference between all the different front door styles. You have the option of uPVC, Composite, Timber, Steel & Aluminium to name a few. Each one claims to be the best door, but how can you truly know what is the best?

That’s why the team at Acorn Trade Windows & Doors have put together this advice article on What is a Composite Door? Whether you’re a homeowner looking to improve your property, or an installer that wants to swot up on their knowledge, we hope this article provides you with the information you need.

What are Composite Doors?

Composite doors are manufactured with a composite profile. This material is made up of several high quality materials such as timber and plastic. The door often has an internal core, providing far superior benefits to traditional timber doors.

Many composite doors are manufactured with fibreglass reinforcement or a GRP skin. This offers the Nottingham & Padiham the look of wood without the high maintenance headaches. This skin will help protect the door against the changeable elements and will not be easily damaged by bumps or scrapes. The only maintenance homeowners have to carry out is give the doors an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to retain the good-as-new look.

What is a Composite Door?

Strong Design

Unlike a standard uPVC front door, the composite design offers a far superior level of security. As well as being thicker than uPVC, the material itself is more durable. Most suppliers offer composite doors manufactured to PAS24 standards, and sometimes to Secured by Design specification.

The strength of the design of a composite door is built upon further through the addition of modern locks. Most door designs are fitted with multi-point locking across the frame. This eliminates any potential weak spots that could be exploited by modern burglary methods. Some manufacturers & suppliers offer doors made to Secured by Design specifications.

Designed to Suit Every Home

Whether your Nottingham or Padiham home is traditional or modern, more often than not, you can get a composite door that offers the perfect fit. Most manufacturers and suppliers offer a highly customisable profile and allow the homeowner to choose the best door for their property. Whether the property is traditional, heritage or modern, you can a door that matches the style of the home.

For Nottingham or Padiham homeowners wanting to replace traditional timber doors, the woodgrain effect of the composite design is ideal. They can choose a woodgrain foil that perfectly mimics that wood look without the same high maintenance issues. If you want a colour that makes your property stand out from the rest of the street, you can get just that.

Most double glazing suppliers offer several other customisable features for composite doors. This can include handles, letterboxes, knockers, improved locks and more. Even decorative glazing can be incorporated into the design, allowing the Nottingham or Burnley homeowner to flood their home with light but maintain a level of privacy.

Composite Door Prices Nottingham & Padiham

If you’re a homeowner that has been inspired to get a composite door, contact your local Acorn Trade Windows & Doors branch and we can suggest a composite door installer for you. Fill out our online contact form, enter a few details and we will be in touch or call our branches to find out more.

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